Download the OMIJO app.

Receive and share real-time information about your drinking water network

Be informed in real time

Report leaks and interruptions

Find nearby water sources

Follow defined areas

Read your water meter

Download the OMIJO app.

Receive and share information about your drinking water network

  • Be informed of water cuts in your geographical area with this real-time application.


  • Report outages where you are and receive advance notifications for areas where a work schedule is communicated.


  • Define a set of areas for which you want to be notified of upcoming outages.


  • Receive practical information regularly shared on the application to better understand and control this vital resource that is water.


  • Find water sources near your location (fountains, taps, toilets, etc.)

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Data management and services to water operators

Optimising the energy consumption of installations, optimising the operation of facilities and the performance of networks in order to preserve water resources in the long term and guarantee the quality of the water treated and transported are at the heart of the concerns of local authorities and industry. This constant optimisation requires a lot of data and that is why data management is also at the heart of the service that Omijo provides to water operators. Omijo is a real Geographic Information System (GIS).

Providing real-time, reliable and analysed data on the operation of water and wastewater services is a major element of the operational performance of a service. Omijo is a complementary tool to the integrated operational management centres that provides complete real-time supervision of services and enables operational management. Permanently linked to the customer relations centers, they make it possible, on the one hand, to orchestrate interventions in the field and, on the other hand, to provide customers with a continuous flow of data on intervention times, the location of teams, maintenance of works and emergency management.

Using remote meter reading technology, Omijo develops services for utility customers, local authorities and industrial companies, enabling them to better manage their water consumption. Eventually, we hope to offer remote reading services.

Omijo thus provides a new response with an open network, which makes it possible to collect data from all communicating sensors, whether they are water meters or environmental sensors (pollution, temperature, noise, etc.).

Targeting interventions, limiting waiting times, reducing the cost of leaks and increasing user confidence are all objectives that Omijo helps to achieve, thus improving the management of water services and controlling operating costs.

Our solution in brief

Access to the administration area


Accessible APIs

Ardenoy Consulting offers you APIs allowing you to interact in real time with your subscribers via Omijo. Don't hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our documentation.
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